About MED ED Resources, Inc.

MED ED Resources, Inc. is a company that is committed to providing continuing education to the healthcare professional.   MED ED Resources, Inc. corporate mission statement is "to be a leading supplier of quality educational seminars and continuing education courses for the health care professional." 

Since 1997, MED ED Resources, Inc. has planned, developed, and presented numerous one, two, and three day seminars for the perinatal healthcare professional.  Titles include: Multiple Choice - The Perinatal Care Choices of Multiple Gestation Pregnancy; Professional Challenges & Societal Issues in Perinatal Nursing; Strengthening The Health Care Response to Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault; EKG Interpretation; Neonatal Assessment; OB Legal Issues; and Electronic Fetal Monitoring.

MED ED Resources, Inc. is expanding their continuing education programs to include Internet access.  We realize that healthcare professionals have limited time and money to maintain their continuing educational requirements.  Healthcare professionals are seeking current information, that is easy to obtain, and that will enhance their professional careers.  We also realize that all healthcare professionals have a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise that can be shared. MED ED Resources, Inc. has the ability to bring professionals together to share that knowledge and obtain continuing education credit.  Accurate, convenient, and affordable access to continuing education can now be obtained via the Internet with MED ED Resources, Inc. interactive web site.